2 Jun 2014

IOS 8 features

Apple launched IOS 8 on 2nd June 2014, and with that many more new features are provided to iPhone and iPad that make it more lucrative to the users. In this post, we will read about the some of the new features introduced with IOS 8.

 Touch id: Your app needs high security of the data that is not accessible by anyone else the owner of the app. Now with IOS 8 you can use Touch ID to authenticate user before providing him access.The API's for this are available in Local Authentication Framework.

Manual camera control: With IOS 8 a new camera application programming kit was  announced that lets developers to add manual camera controls to their app, and access hardware in depth as its not provided in IOS 8 predecessors.

 HealthKit: HealthKit is a new framework introduced in IOS 8 that lets developers to link to a central database of your personal health data. User health information is stored in centralised location and user can chose which information can be accessed by the app. Information can be came from a fitness devices connected to iPhone or a manual entry by user.

 Airdrop: Airdrop will now work with iPhone, iPad to mac. You can share a file from your mac to your IOS device via a WIFI network and vice versa.

 Home kit: HomeKit is a new framework introduced wit IOS 8, it will allow user to connect  and communicate with their home devices. Using this framework user will found out the other devices in your home, connect with them and configure them. For e.g user can set a group action and trigger them. or offering access to a home guest.

 Handoff: This is one of the best feature for IOS 8, with handoff user can switch an activity from one device to other device and resume that activity from same point in switched device. Suppose you are browsing a web page in safari in your iPhone and want to  switch to iPad so that you can read it in a better way, With handoff you can do this and you have not to worry about the position when you switch devices, it will be automatically control. Need same Apple id on both devices, to communicate using handoff.

Notification enhancements: There is an enhancement in Notifications, and now with IOS 8 user can reply/answer to notification without leaving the current app. Same can be done without unlocking phone.

App extensions:  This is an awesome feature introduced in IOS 8. With App extension, developers can provide extensions to their app so that other apps can use some of the features provided by the application. Suppose one app can provide photo editing features to other apps using extensions.

Widgets: Like android IOS developer can display a small widget in TODAY section of notification centre, providing a quick update to their users. APPLe showed ebay widget

 iMessage: iMessage now loaded with many more features such as mute a particular conversation.

Also iMessage can send audio and video messages.These message are self destructive.To hear an audio message bring your iPhone toward your ear and it will deliver your audi message,no touch required.

Custom KeyBoard: IOS 8 now supports context sensitive predictive typing. Developers can provide custom keyboard to their users instead of default keyboard.

At last list of devices that are IOS 8 compatible

  • iPhone 4S

  • iPhone 5

  • iPhone 5C

  • iPhone 5S

  • iPod Touch 5th generation

  • iPad 2

  • iPad with Retina Display

  • iPad Air

  • iPad Mini

  • iPad Mini with Retina Display

  • Note: Information is  taken from below websites and for more information please visit below links




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